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Chapter Two; Favourite

(Y/N) awoke to the smell of breakfast, with a warm arm wrapped around her protectively.

Her heart squeezed in happiness. When she'd first been formed, only yesterday, and was walking around; she was so alone and scared, not knowing what to do or who to go to. But now she had a family. A strange one at that, but a family all the same. She didn't have to be alone in her future battle of becoming a fully formed nation; with paper work and war and disagreements with other countries. She had it all ahead of her now.

"Papa?," she asked, shaking the thick arm draped over her. It connected to broad shoulders that belonged to Berwald. He blinked his eyes open blearily.

"Hn," he grunted. (Y/N) presumed it meant 'What?'

"Papa, I smell food and I'm hungry. Can we go get breakfast, please?"

"Hn." Berwald nodded and reached his arm behind him, feeling blindly around for his glasses. Once found, he opened the arms which were previously folded and slipped them on. Eyesight now good, he looked down at his new and only daughter. (Y/N) beamed up at him, short (h/c) hair messy.

At that moment, the door opened and a little body slipped in.

"Papa Sweden? Sis? Are you awake yet? Mama Finland said to let you sleep, but I'm bored!," Peter pouted, coming in when he spotted them both awake. He crawled on to the foot of the bed, sitting by their legs. "Come on, get up! Mama made breakfast."

(Y/N) breathed in deeply. "I know, I could smell it." She smiled dreamily. "Smells good."

"Come on then! Afterwards, Mama said that," Peter said, grabbing hold of (Y/N)'s hand and dragging out from under Berwald's heavy arm, "we've to go shopping for you, and buy you girl things. Like girl clothes and toys and hair, er, jewelry?" Peter wasn't exactly sure what all those pretty clips and bobbins with stars and hearts on them were classified as. He saw them as jewelry though, like rings and necklaces for your hair. "And then we have to visit your King, or President, or whoever currently runs your country," Peter continued, helping (Y/N) climb down off the high bed, "To tell them we found you and we're taking care of you and stuff."

"I'll d' th't wh'l ya g' sh'pp'ng f'r (Y/N) (I'll do that while you go shopping for (Y/N))," Berwald said, planning on telling (Y/N)'s king or president or whomever ran her country at the moment that he would be taking control of all her paper work. He planned on halving it with her when she got older, and eventually she would take full control, when she decided she wanted to be independent. He swallowed. He dreaded that day. Watching Peter lead the young (Y/N) to the kitchen; he found it hard to imagine her a grown and independent nation. It saddened him.

While he got dressed in his bedroom, Peter and (Y/N) took a seat at the kitchen table, eyeing the plates of breakfast before them.

They practically inhaled it. "T'so much better than Jerk England's cooking!," Peter sighed in content, leaning back against the chair and patting his full stomach.

(Y/N) burped and Tino gently poked her nose. "That wasn't lady-like!"

She burped again. Peter giggled before crawling out of his seat to get changed. When he was gone, (Y/N) turned to Tino. "Mama? What am I gonna wear?"

"Well, about a week ago I accidentally shrunk one of Peter's outfits in the wash and forgot to throw it out. Guess it's gonna come in handy, for today at least, huh?," Tino laughed in embarrassment. He felt like a failure, though at least (Y/N) had temporary clothes to wear in public.

He went and found them, helping (Y/N) change into the small sailor suit. It was still big on her, but it fit better than anything else in the house would. The shorts fit her like baggy trousers and the top came to her wrists. "Mama, I look like big brother Peter!"

"Aw, you're so cute!"

(Y/N) then toddled off to find the other members of the family to show off her outfit. Peter said that she looked like an adorable little version of him, and declared her his right hand (wo)man. "When I'm sick and can't be the leader of the micro-nations, you have to step in and take charge until I'm better, okay?" he had said.

Ladonia's face had turned red, just like his hair. "Why are you dressed like that idiot? I'm not allowing this! I'm coming shopping too and buying you nice clothes, not trash like that," he scoffed in anger. Unbeknownst to her, (Y/N) had interrupted his current art project meant for her. There was a streak of yellow paint that stretched across his cheek and nose.

Berwald had blushed at her cuteness. As she waddled up to him, with the sailor cap tilting crookedly on her head. She peered up at him with (e/c) eyes and he felt his heart skip a beat. So cute.

While Berwald left to (Y/N)'s country, Tino took Peter, Ladonia and (Y/N) shopping.

They spent hours out in town, buying toys and games and clothes and little jewelry and hair accessories. They took a break for something to eat before continuing on. Anything that was cute and girly, was bought for (Y/N). Tino just hoped that she wouldn't grow up a tomboy, and resent him for spoiling her with everything pink and girly. He's just never taken care of a girl before, and everything just looked so cute! But she never complained and he hoped it was a good sign.

At home, Ladonia locked himself in his room to continue his painting.

Peter and (Y/N) helped Tino fold and neatly put away all the clothes, and they took the toys from their packages and put them into a large toy box. "When we have a bedroom set up for you, we'll bring everything in there, okay?"

She nodded.

Later on, Berwald came home, with a suitcase under his arm. "What's in there, papa?," a curious (Y/N) asked.

"P'p'rw'rk (Paperwork)," Berwald said gruffly. He was a tad annoyed, as the President had spent more time quaking at the sight of the intimidating Berwald than sorting everything out. He couldn't believe such a coward had signed the papers that legalized (C/N)'s formation. But he was glad it happened anyway, he thought, looking down at the nation. She smiled at him and stretched up her arms, to be picked up.

He did and carried her to the living room, where Tino sat curled up with a cup of coffee, watching some Studio Ghibli movie that Peter was glued too, blue eyes wide in fascination as he watched the characters and the art and colours flash across the screen.

"H'llo w'fe (Hello wife)," Berwald said, sitting down beside the petite Finnish man. Tino gave him a warm smile, that reached his eyes and increased Berwald's heart rate. Tino snuggled into his side, gently petting (Y/N)'s hair. They all felt at peace.


Two weeks later, (Y/N)'s room was nearing completion.

It had been a busy two weeks for the family. Tino and Berwald were so completely caught up in the chaos of organizing (Y/N)'s room and maintaining her paperwork and taking care of three children; that it'd never even crossed their minds to inform the other Nordic's of their new and only niece.

Emil, Lukas and Mathias only came to find this out, when Tino and Berwald hadn't visited it just over two weeks; which was strange as they tried to visit at least once a week.

"Maybe Ber's getting some?," Mathias grinned, on the way to the couples home.

Lukas' fingers were itching to grab Mathias' tie, until they came in view of the couples' house and their jaws nearly dropped (well, not Emil's). In the front yard sat Berwald, with a little girl on his lap trying to braid his short hair. Peter was hovering around her, complaining that she's not giving him enough attention and that he wants to play with her too.

"After all, you're supposed to me my sister!," he whined, crossing his slim arms and jutting out his lower lip.

"Sister?!," Mathias shrieked, alerting Berwald of his arrival. "Did you kidnap her?," he wondered, "'Cause she's too cute to be yours and I never knew that two dudes could have a kid."

"Don't say such revolting things in the presence of children," Lukas snapped, his slim fingers curling around the Dane's tie and pulling, eliciting a delightful squeal and begs for mercy. Emil rolled his eyes.

"Papa, are these my uncles Emil, Lukas and Mathias?," the young girl asked, watching with curious eyes as Mathias was brought to his knees, gasping for air after complaining about being named last.

"Y's (yes)," Berwald sighed, pressing her safely against his chest as he stood up and wordlessly opened the door, ushering everyone in. Peter followed after his 'father' and 'sister', in his hands a toy train.

Tino was watching Ladonia draw and jumped when he laid eyes on the unexpected guests. "Oh," he sighed in embarrassment, realizing that he'd forgot all about the other Nordics. Once, they were all he knew, as they all shared one large house. But now he'd forgotten them, so preoccupied with his new life and new family. He felt terrible. "I'm such a bad person," he moaned, "I'm so sorry we didn't tell you guys about (Y/N) sooner."

"So that's her name, then?," Mathias bent down to inspect the tiny girl, clinging to Berwald's leg as he'd set her down. She frowned at him. Her house was relatively peaceful; the only noise coming from an angered Ladonia or cheerful Peter occasionally. But here comes in Mathias, loud and proud with a grin brighter than the sun. He was a shock to her system.

Letting out a wail, she flailed to be picked up again. It's not that she didn't like Mathias or anything, but his loudness frightened her, and she craved the warm protective arms of her 'father.' "Papa!," she cried, burying her face in his neck and inhaling his scent; a mixture of cologne and coffee. It soothed her. She could even faintly smell Tino from his jumper, probably from an embrace shared earlier.

"You bully!," Peter exclaimed, kicking Mathias' shin and hiding behind Berwald.

Mathias cursed and Lukas smacked the back of his head. Lukas wasn't loud like Mathias, but he wasn't as calm and gentle as (Y/N)'s 'parents' even though his serene face would indicate otherwise. He was strong and willing to put Mathias in his place. Emil was silent and stood to the side, almost invisible. (Y/N) eyed him warily, wondering if his expressionless face was only a mask that hid the inner anger like Lukas'; a dormant volcano hiding the violent magma reservoir beneath. A bird rested on his shoulder.

Ladonia rolled his eyes and went to his room to escape the commotion.

Lukas peered up at (Y/N), who was clutched protectively in Berwald's arms. She stared back, equally curious. He blinked, "So I'm your uncle?"

(Y/N) nodded then paused. "I dunno which one though," she admitted sheepishly. She'd been told the names of her uncles, but not the descriptions that went with them.

"I'm obviously Mathias, because that's such an awesome name, it could only belong to me," Mathias smirked and gracefully avoided Lukas' swift kick.

"My name's Lukas."

"Emil. This is Mr. Puffin."

"I'm (Y/N)! The country of (C/N)!," the girl announced brightly, missing the atmosphere change.

"She's a country?," Lukas said, cool eyes surprised. "Will you be taking her to the meeting next week?," he asked Tino.

Tino thought. "Um, well, I suppose there's no harm, right? She should get used to the meetings, since she'll be able to add her input when she's older. And I think it'll be good for her to meet the others and maybe make new friends." He smiled sweetly. Berwald didn't think he could take it anymore. His life was complete; with three children and a wife; he was so happy he felt he could die. Tino's pure and sweet smile was just icing on the cake he felt he didn't deserve.

"Yes!," Peter cheered. "Now you get to meet all the other micro-nations! And don't worry, I'll tell them you're my second in command. Oh," he frowned, "but don't ever talk to Jerk England, 'cause he sucks and is really very mean!"

"The little one's coming to the meeting?," Mathias grinned, "So then I can show the un-awesome Prussia and America my adorable new niece." He winked at me. "You're my favourite one."

(Y/N) frowned. "But I'm your only niece?" She wasn't sure if she was or not. But the other Nordics never arrived with children, so she presumed they didn't have any. Unless they were really mean and left them home alone.

"Well, yeah, but even if there were others, you're my favourite!" Mathias announced.

(Y/N) giggled at his silliness.

This meeting sounded exciting, and she was looking forward to meeting new people. She just hoped they were are funny and lovable as the people who surrounded her; her family.
This is part two! Hope you like it :D

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